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14 Aug

The reason for the relationship.

We live our experiences as they come. We intend to know the right people in the course of our lives, but how do we really decide who is right or right. What happens with those momentous moments that occur in the happiness of each of us.

I'll tell you a my anecdote, I'll be brief, but I'll go into certain details that are worth telling.

In 2015 I met a girl by social media, we had the typical approach, the typical talk between two interested strangers with each other. A meaningful friendship was formed to such an extent that several delicate points were told by the personal life of the two. It took me about a month to meet this girl, that day we met there was the same normal communication, fluid, but a little tense because of the nervousness of the encounter. We both agreed to start a relationship, it was a reciprocal and natural thing. I was most sincere with her, I had never really had a stable or lasting relationship (that was the goal to fulfill the two), I did not know with as much certainty as to react or what to do in the face of certain circumstances that came to be presented in the relationship, and it was.

It was the first 3 months most intense and troubled in my sentimental life, the arguments were constant to such an extent that little by little I got to know that side the so worried this girl did not show me, for not hurting me or hurt ingest my feelings. My attitude was always very impartial, looking for a way to be able to resolve any discrepancies that were presented.

well if you have any stories to tell us we'd be happy to hear it.

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