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11 Sep

Samsungs past: from fish exporter to electronic giant

when hearing or seeing the Samsung name, the first thing that crosses our minds is TECHNOLOGY.

I assure you that at this time you are reading our blog from a company device or have one of its technology at home. But it will leave you surprised to learn that this great company started being sold from dried fish and fruits.

80 years ago, at the start of World War II, the owner of what is now one of the 10 most important companies in technology in the world (Lee Byung-chul) the founder of this company thought that the business was in the trade was in the development of technology and began it c approximately 30,000 won (about $30 today).

The samsung name translated means "Three Stars" in Korean, which can be seen in the first designs of the company logo. The concept of the brand and its aspirations are inspired by the three ancient gods of the Chinese religion: Shou Xing, who represents eternity; Fu Xing, which represents success and good fortune; and Lu Xing, which represents prosperity, influence and happiness; together they are known as Sanxing, the three stars.

Samsung's pimer building as an export company in 1938